Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Leo

Moon is 45 degrees, the movement of today is very comprehensive, every point flourishes and no significant difficulties. The most talked about is financial resources, thanks to friends help with more high-income work, favorable money to earn more social relations, paving the way for further development.

leo enthusiastic and ambitious, certain work must rise to the top. This advantage of having the opportunity to show, if done well will promote very fast. But remind one thing should not be too arrogant, need to modernize his ego in a modest way to avoid controversial, entangled in undue trouble.

Love is not the same thing as going strong is the result that the most important is to see the feelings of both sides, take the appropriate approach. The ability of the peach flower is quite high, high ability is the enemy also love this constellation, just know how to express, show your skillful will definitely like, the dream of becoming a couple.

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