Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Scorpio

The moon with the star Aquarius 120 degrees, the longer the love must try to cultivate emotional affection, but you are more distracted to make two people away and feel disappointed about the enemy. Failure to come from one side, but the cold indifference of the constellation will ruin everything, change yourself if you want to save the situation.

Good job, there are many opportunities to advance, also because of busy development career that Scorpio is more than love. When you stand in the middle of the choice of time, you do not hesitate to pursue success, pursue your dreams. The decision is not right and wrong, it depends on each person, as long as you feel suitable for yourself.

Get out there to pay attention to your belongings, which can be scanned by others. The loss of the unknown should not worry, only ominous is the bad guys see the benefits of bright eyes, intend to assault robbery, even if not robbed also hurt you hurt. It is best to be simple, humble, avoid attracting others’ greed to protect yourself.

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