Tuesday, 19/12/2017 of Gemini: pay more attention to your own health

The moon with 120 degrees Neptune, you pay more attention to your own health, let go of life so quickly will fall sick. Work, study sleep without time, you eat food that is lazy, lack of exercise can easily accumulate bad energy in people.

Today the money is shaky, Gemini is comfortable with the expense. Most of this money you received from relatives or collectors due to the surprise investment should not be too cherished, very quickly will spend no more traces. Reminded that this constellation has not yet mastered its spending plan, you will have trouble because this type of customization is lost.

Out to dress up beautifully, the appearance will create favorable conditions in the work as well as gain dominance in the emotional issue. No need to shimmer excellence but definitely polite, neat, fit with the physique with the same light. Spend some time carefully before going out.

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