Tuesday, 19/12/2017 of Pieces: work will be a problem

The moon is 120 degrees Saturn, work will be a problem for you headache because there is no way to solve all the problems, just all. Having this one loses that, you have to learn how to face the choice and bravery to make your choice the best option.

Pisces in love is a dreamer, but you also know your limits, romantic creation not far from reality. Sometimes the enemy sees you in the clouds, but the fact is that this constellation is just trying to make life a little more comfortable, let’s share that to someone less angry.

There is a small amount of money coming so you can comfortably spend the money, do not need to worry too much. Reminders are small at the end of the year there are many things to spend so be sure to accumulate a small amount in the case of unexpected.

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