Tuesday, 19/12/2017 of Virgo: have a lot of hope in the romance

The moon is coincident with Uranus, you have a lot of hope in the romance and dating is quite romantic, marked between two people. This constellation does not like to show off, nor does it care about the illusion that just wants to be with people in the most casual way, the most true.

The work at this time is not good, you often or colleagues made difficult, deliberately hindered to unfair competition should also pressure and sorrow. Emotional support helps Virgo do not lose balance, sometimes too tired to lament with her lover is back light hearted, have the courage to step forward.

Attention health, do not let too tired, the more difficult times to keep yourself rich energy to step through the challenge. Each morning, spend 15 minutes exercising, jogging to start a new day of excitement, working effectively and thinking more quickly.

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