/Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Aquarius

Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Aquarius

The moon is a 120 degree angle with Saturn, the platform is stable, so you have the advantage over others, work long time or go to work, have to move many still be able to support. However, do not be subjective, take a full rest, avoid overwork.

Work is busy, Aquarius needs to assert themselves more to have the respect of leadership. So, even though I wanted to have a short break, it was not feasible at the moment. You try to add more time, bonus year-end as well as the opportunity to improve on it here.

Out to bring a scarf, not only keep warm, but also the good fortune of Aquarius, bring you many good things. Maybe it is because of this that the constellation met the noble of his life, blue towel is united.

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