Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Libra

Venus joins Jupiter angle 120 degrees, your health is not good, the activity of organs is poor, especially the liver and stomach. You do not seem to pay attention to nutrition anymore, do not just eat things quickly convenience, take the time to cook more food.

Libra is not necessarily a person with outstanding appearance but your temperament is no one can deny. So prosperous flower trainers, who have been exposed will be very impressed and not afraid to pursue, express feelings with this constellation. Top 3 her zodiac makes men crazy soul island friends there.

Out to gather more comfortable friends than at home a lot, Binh Nhi enjoyed chatting, laughing and talking. So the evening can not find you at home, be sure to go out, remember a little early, take time to review the work plan of the new week and go to bed early.

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