Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Pieces

Venus and Jupiter meet the angle of 120 degrees, want to love without being loved, want to believe but not dare to believe, you are in the vicious circle set by yourself. Sadness makes the spirit down the catastrophic, thinking more and more negative, suffering is also partly self-made by myself.

Pisces need to set aside his own love to care more about the job, a person can not leave you collapsed but a job to go first you will be hungry. To keep the actual piece of clothing, right now, try to work, leaders are quite dissatisfied with your attitude already.

Talking to others is also a way of relief but do not lament too much, to meet anyone who tells you people will be extremely scared. As private as private as possible, children can write diary, self-consolation to overcome this wind. The most important thing is to have positive thoughts, positive optimism.

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