/Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Scorpio

Tuesday, 21/11/2017 of Scorpio

The moon is 45 degrees from the star, and love comes from within, so you can not control the emotions, and will definitely manifest outside. Love always speak, act decisively, respect the enemy and give yourself the opportunity, boldly.

Scorpio attaches great importance to work so when embarking on the task, they will be serious, responsible and try their best. This point is praiseworthy, but more gentle with colleagues, cooperate with others, the attitude must be a little pleasant, not too harsh it will be better.

Call or visit family, you will feel the warmth that no place can bring, making the life of life less. Staying with the family, it is happy, soon to eat rice and invite everyone to go walk, romantic no less than dating people love.

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