/Tuesday, 28/11/2017 of Aquarius: love is not like

Tuesday, 28/11/2017 of Aquarius: love is not like

The Moon is perpendicular to Mercury, and you enjoy relationships that are open-minded and comfortable, which can make you feel naturally happy. So this constellation often make friends in four directions, go here and meet everyone laughs and relatives. Unfortunately love is not like, maybe you two can not be together.

Aquarius neglected the job but thanks to the people that the situation is not bad, the garment is fine, need to pay more attention to the top critic, colleagues blame, his position is not invariable where. Fortune is so much worse than before, income is shrinking significantly.

Check the road carefully, observe before the next to avoid accidents or unexpected injuries or collisions. Bao Bao absolutely not hurriedly hot, fast one minute slow life, not worth it. Where to do anything to take care of yourself first.

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