Tuesday, 28/11/2017 of Libra

The moon is 135 degrees with Jupiter, the more you know how to create the charm for yourself. Not intentionally, the very nature of the color is not sincere makes the opposite sex can not take the eyes, how much is digging flowers around, comfortable choice.

Libra belly is all over the galaxy, go to where is willing to help people but not hardship or expectation. You are just the right hand of the road and do not expect such carelessness in exchange for a lot of blessings, humanity is also better, help the development work.

There is something to keep your body warm, you are a little weak, easy to get sick. Out early in the morning and evening should be prepared warm scarf, thick coat, mask and hat, do not pretend to run only a moment that the brake. The time of infection is one place, how many plans are unfinished.

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