Tuesday, 28/11/2017 of Taurus: has moments of unexpected vibration

The moon is 135 degrees with Jupiter, you love to work with inspiration and develop your abilities naturally. At work, this constellation addresses multidimensional solutions, respecting the opinions of those around to perfect the product.

Taurus has moments of unexpected vibration before the object just meet the first time but with calm and self-control nature so you still refrain. You are also skeptical that this is a temporary feeling, without any basis, completely contrary to the principle of love to the present but okay, things depending grace, let loose everything will be better.

The winter days need to add energy to keep the body warm, it is a good opportunity to nourish satisfying food and eating habits. But do not eat unorganized, pay attention to diet and exercise properly, but then you will have a headache because of your body.

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