Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Cancer: are very interested in you

Moon Day 120 degrees Neptune reminds you are too ideal romantic story compared to reality. It can be a sign that they are very interested in you, but in fact you will see that it is their common action for everyone, not just you.

If you notice somebody’s comments directed at you, ask yourself why that is. Are you cautious about something or are you worried about job insecurity? So fix it instead of hearing criticism from others.

After 8 hours, your energy will go to the lowest level. Therefore, you need to pause your work in time to rest, eat, exercise, play, etc., so that you can renew your energy source to continue working for the long term, and accomplish each goal. day. Therefore, when returning home should take time to eat, rest, but not work on the day to forget to eat, forget to sleep.

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