Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Scorpio: with what is happening to you

The Moon in the Scorpio position shows that you are tending to be very strong with what is happening to you. Do not create extra clothing for yourself by thinking negatively. Everyone has their own priorities in life, so there is nothing to compare, stop the same thing so you will be lucky to visit!

Everyone needs to be loved, protected, you are no exception. However, do not show control over the enemy so much because love is often a freedom, as long as in their mind always exists your image is enough.

Legs are the furthest away from the heart, not easy to receive oxygen and blood, and in the cold season, blood vessels contract, making blood supply more difficult. However, the leg is another area of ​​acupuncture point of the body, if blood supply is not enough, will affect the normal functioning of many organs like liver, kidney. So, this cold weather should keep your feet warm with ginger and warm water before going to sleep.

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