/Wednesday, 17/01/2018 of Capricorn: feel yourself disoriented

Wednesday, 17/01/2018 of Capricorn: feel yourself disoriented

Moon in the position of Capricorn proves much when you feel yourself disoriented and can not make decisions. You often feel frustrated unless you achieve an important and noble position in life. In fact, you need idols to cherish, love and imitate.

Humility is considered a virtue who should learn so, there are times when you are proud of your ability also do not hurry to show the superior with someone. In fact, there are still so many better people than you are out there.

Do not ask too much at the enemy because not everyone can understand your xinxing. If they listen, but you do not share what you want, the opponent rarely understands the request. So learn to love rather than ask for more of the one you choose.

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