Wednesday, 17/01/2018 of Pieces: do anything

Neptune’s 45-degree Sun show that Pisces do anything because of noble motives, but because sometimes you are influenced by other people’s opinions, or are afraid. It is better to do your best with a loving heart, with the belief that you will be paid well, do not give too much attention to the opinions of those who just say not do.

Being too modest in the workplace is not a good thing, because artificial humility is not welcome, colleagues will treat you in a way that suits your attitude. This means you will not get the job, the promotion, the help you need or the positive feedback you are looking for.

Acne and wrinkles are the two most prominent signs of an unhealthy diet. Therefore, eat more foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots or squash to ensure the body is absorbed vitamin A daily and this will somewhat improve your skin.

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