/Wednesday, 27/12/2017 of Cancer: it’s possible that you misunderstood

Wednesday, 27/12/2017 of Cancer: it’s possible that you misunderstood

Neptune’s 45-degree moon day shows you are involved in complex emotional relationships. It’s possible that you misunderstood what actually happened with what you think. Do not think that someone has feelings for you if they do not have concrete, clear actions. Do not make dreams on the things you do not make real easy to fall “hurt”.

Do you find yourself wasting too much time in the day’s chores? Go to the company, instead of focusing on work, you have to countless other activities such as checking email, social networking, water or wash washing. It’s time to write down what you need to accomplish the day before you start working on how you can adjust yourself to using your time wisely.

When you go from warm indoor to cold outside, the body suddenly changes, or the condition of fingers, toes, nose tip, ears … numb, the small arteries provide blood for Skin narrowing, temporary tightness, limited circulation of blood to the affected area. To avoid sudden temperature changes, do not overheat the temperature in your home, so keep it at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

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