Wednesday, 27/12/2017 of Capricorn: affected by the harshness of your parents

Moon’s day at a 45 degree angle suggests that your psyche may be affected by the harshness of your parents. It may be that good or bad influences depend entirely on your perspective, as the reality is that every parent wants good things for the child. They are also strict that you are badly affected from outside society.

Sometimes when you put too much hope into yourself and when you do not achieve it again, you feel overwhelmed. Instead, set a small goal, but always try hard to break the record set by yourself. That is the motivation for you in this wonderful life.

When the temperature is cold, the day is shorter and the weather is often cloudy, our vitamin D levels will drop to the lowest level. Unfortunately, this vitamin plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy, so sunny days do not worry about sunbathing, do not cover your nose or arms too much.

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