Wednesday, 27/12/2017 of Libra: remember to focus on the details

The moon of 150 degrees, Jupiter reminds you today not to be ignored, remember to focus on the details before the overall look to avoid missing important points. Sometimes you have finished the job as well as not as good as expected because you have ignored the small flaws from the startup.

You imagine the pink life does not exist between the two. Take a look back, if the enemy gives you the feeling, what you do is very easy to make them angry and uncomfortable. If weak, they will adapt to your personality as naturally as possible over time. Therefore, if you feel unsettled then believe in your feelings.

Staying up late can cause bad health effects such as heart disease, stomach ache, stroke, cancer, especially the brain that is severely damaged so the intelligence and intelligence will be reduced. Therefore, do not assume that you are young enough to wear late. Go to bed before 11pm and stay away from electronics.

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