/Wednesday, 29/11/2017 of Virgo: proves to be lonely

Wednesday, 29/11/2017 of Virgo: proves to be lonely

The Moon, which is perpendicular to Pluto, proves to be lonely when it comes to saying something that is interrupted by someone, not being shared so much that you feel uncomfortable. Look for a hard to talk, pour out the heart if not your head will burst.

Give away is to get more back. If you are considered a generous person, always let go and never ask why, you will be judged as successful and reliable. Many business opportunities will come to you.

If you think that drinking an evening wine is a good way to get to sleep, let’s say, this drink will disturb your sleep. The consequence of this is that you will wake up in a state of fatigue and laziness all day. In addition, the respiratory system is easily affected, leading to snoring when you drink a lot of alcohol.

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